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DISCLAIMERS: Real Ecom provides consulting services for creating and managing Walmart stores. In exchange for these services, customers must contract with and pay Real Ecom an initial fee, pay Walmart/product costs (e.g., use a credit line that ideally exceeds $40,000 in available credit to pay suppliers pending Walmart’s payout of consumer sales), and pay a net revenue share to Real Ecom. The amount of net store profits varies and depends on a number of factors, including the customer’s credit limit and credit card cash-back rewards, the time the Walmart store is active, the Walmart marketplace, third parties, and factors beyond Real Ecom’s reasonable control. While Real Ecom offers the opportunity to utilize the same techniques as Real Ecom’s owners, Real Ecom in no way guarantees that you will have a similar experience or similar results. It may take months or years before the total net profit exceeds the amount of your initial fee. An Walmart store is a long-term venture. While Real Ecom exercises reasonable commercial efforts to create and maintain Walmart stores, like any new venture, there is an expected “ramp up” period of multiple months during which a store is created. Following this configuration ramp up period, there is additional time that must pass as a store gains traction within the Walmart environment in the form of search visibility and account integrity. Further, e-commerce is an ever-changing industry, and Walmart may suspend or terminate accounts for little or no reason. 
EARNINGS STATEMENT. Real Ecom uses real examples, including the past experience of its owners. However, these examples are not a promise or guarantee of earnings; you may not have the same or similar experience, and there are no guarantees as to any store’s profitability at any time. In particular, Real Ecom’s owners have established their Walmart businesses over years and have earned high credit limits, both of which contribute to their profits. Where Real Ecom makes claims related to the experience of its owners, those claims only relate to the owners; where Real Ecom makes claims related to its customers, those claims relate to the experience of at least 50% of its customers, who have complied with all terms, as of the date of the respective claim. 
REFUND POLICY: Provided that you fully comply with all contract terms and all applicable laws, if you do not receive net profits of at least your initial fee in the 18 months following the date after your store ramp up period, you may request a refund in writing of the amount of your initial fee paid minus the net profits received, unless your store has been suspended or terminated, if you lack necessary capital that restricts store growth (i.e., at least $40,000 of credit available 90 days after the store is opened), if you abuse Walmart terms or guidelines, if there is extended “vacation mode” of the store initiated by you, and/or if there is closure of the store or sudden and unforeseen adjustments to the Walmart Seller Central policies.
LEGAL ACTIONS: Real Ecom has not been the subject of any civil or criminal action involving misrepresentation, fraud, securities law violations, or unfair or deceptive practices.
MORE INFORMATION: By continuing to use the Services, you acknowledge that you have received and understand the above information. Substantiation for any earnings claims, as well as contact information for references who have made a purchase previously, will be made available to any prospective purchaser upon request. If you contract with us, your contact information may be disclosed in the future to other potential buyers. 
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